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March 25 2016


iOS 10 Is Coming

Yes , we are definitely looking forward to the entered iPhone 7 , along with many rumored iPhone 6C ( or whatever Apple decides to call it ) but we like are eagerly awaiting the next update to iOS .

the great thing about the new update for iOS is that it is open to everyone with a compatible handset , and it's free , so it will give your iPhone a load of new features for nothing .

Unfortunately , we have not heard anything about what's coming in iOS 10 , but we did not have to wait too much longer . Meanwhile , here are the top 11 features we want to see in the next version of iOS.

From iOS Manual

February 25 2016


iPhone 7 Manual

Apple has now posted coordinating user guides for the iPhone 7, iPod touch and iPad on the web. These new iPhone and iPad client guides for iOS 10 are accessible as free downloads from the iBooks Store.

The aides cover the nuts and bolts of iOS 10 and spotlight on stuff like stock applications, different client interface changes and new components, for example, upgraded Spotlight with Proactive inquiry, 3D Touch on the new iPhones, the new News and iCloud Drive applications, one next to the other multitasking highlights on iPads and the sky is the limit from there. Read more about iPhone 7 Manual
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